Join the Honey Badger Nation!

Welcome all Honey Badgers!

If you’re wondering whether you’re a Honey Badger or what makes one a Honey Badger, let me explain.  A Honey Badger is one of the meanest, baddest, nastiest and toughest animals on the planet!  Here’s proof: 
This version is funnier but is loaded with lots of bad swear words (you’ve been warned!)

So, are you a Honey Badger?  Specifically, this site is for Prepper Honey Badgers – folks who are waking up to all the CRAP that is going on in this country and getting themselves ready for the inevitable.  They’re the kind of people who look at what’s going on and say “Oh, you want to collapse the country into chaos with your stupid, ignorant policies?  Well, I’m gonna store up every needful thing and outlive you suckers!”  They’re folks with the ability to recognize that there’s not a lot they can do to stop the derailing government train but have the tenacity to say “I’ll beat you at your own game!”.  We’ll be here when the train is recovered to rebuild everything the way it was supposed to be before the moochers got a hold of things.

This isn’t a site to help you prepare though!  There are many great sites out there to help you with that!  (just google “prepper”)  This site is really for me to say un-helpful things like “This newsman is an idiot!”  Or, “This blogger is a moron and is giving you bad advice!”.  It’s basically a place for me to rant about idiots in the Preparedness Industry and their lame tactics, products or opinions.

If you are a communist/socialist, we hate you.  If you are anti-constitution, we despise you.  If you are pro-big Government and pro-Nanny State, we think you’d be better off not breathing so much.  If you’re anti-gun, we’re even more anti-YOU.

Basically, if you’re any of those things, you’re not a Honey Badger and not only are you not welcome here – we see you as lunch.  We don’t appreciate your softer side, your input or your thoughts.  We know you have a right to your stupid, ignorant opinion but we really don’t want to hear it – so we’ll exercise our right to tell you to STFU and go away.

Get the point?  Good.

Furthermore, if you’re a chicken-lickin ninny-squatin’ conspiracy theorist that is so freaking scared of the government that the thought of a black hot wheel makes you pee yourself – you’re also not welcome here you spineless, brainless, helpless welp.  Take your tin foil hat and go back in your mom’s basement and try to link this blog to some government conspiracy.  It’ll entertain us to read about it, you dolt.

Honey Badgers are Patriots who recognize that there isn’t a whole lot that can be done about the power-mongers and are gettin ready for our time – when the government collapses themselves.  We’re not hidin’ and pissin’ ourselves over what’s goin’ on because we know we’ll either 1)Die in the process of the collapse and chaos and happily be with God or 2)We’ll outlive the whole thing, keep our families safe and will be prepared to rebuild our society the way it was meant to be.

We are the God Fearing, Gun Toting, American Flag Waving Conservatives your useless Liberal friends warned you about.  We are the Honey Badger Nation and We Don’t Like You.

8 thoughts on “Join the Honey Badger Nation!”

  1. i’ve had first hand experiance with one closest thing to them would maby a tazmainan devil . when pissed off they can be mean little monsters,defenitily a jeckel and hyde personality

  2. Honey Badger Nation is on the rise! All you snakes and bees better watch out, cuz we don’t care! We will bite your head’s off and steal your honey and we will like it!

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