The Left, Gays, Bullying and Irony

(This is actually a very serious post.  No sarcasm, mean-spiritedness or anything else.  Straight up logical analysis.)

I’m sick of seeing people refer to Chick-Fil-A CEO, Dan Cathy, as a “Hate-Monger” or “spreading hate” or anything else that claims that those who disagree with gay marriage are bigots or haters.

Just because someone disagrees with your position or belief does not mean they are being hateful. The fact of the matter is, most Christians who oppose gay marriage also believe strongly in other tenets of Christianity such as “Love Everyone” and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (in my opinion and experience).

Saying someone is hateful because they don’t agree with you is an outright attack on them and their Freedom of Speech simply because they dared to express something other than what you believe. You are attempting to force them into a defensive position and ensuring that no civil discourse can occur. You expect to have the right to express your opinion yet you squelch the right of the other to do the same because they don’t agree with you. It is a despicable and corrupt practice.

I find the whole idea and practice of homosexuality to be revolting, disgusting and just plain wrong – on several levels. That does not mean I hate those who practice it. In fact, my own belief system obligates me to love the person who practices it.

I also don’t hate people who watch sports incessantly (which I find a ridiculous and childish waste of time) nor do I hate those who eat sushi or any other seafood (which I find revolting and putrid). I despise their habits, practices and behaviors but I don’t “hate them” or even try to limit their ability to engage in those activities.

That also does not mean that I should be coerced, socially forced, or embarrassed into supporting or endorsing a sports bar, a sushi bar or gay marriage just because that’s what a group of people want. If that’s what a majority of people want, then fine by me – as long as it’s not something that others have been publicly shamed into agreeing to. Which is precisely the strategy of calling someone hateful because they don’t agree with you.

Furthermore, just as you have a right and freedom to promote your personal beliefs and agenda, I share that very same right with you. Me practicing my rights in opposition to you practicing yours in no way denigrates my position of opposition or promotes your position of endorsement. We both share the right and freedom to work to honestly and with integrity ask others to support us in our position. This extends to any group of people who work together either as proponents or in opposition to the issue. To denigrate your opposition’s right and privilege to oppose you conversely negates your own right and privilege to pursue your agenda.

I also do not appreciate it or find it respectful when someone eats sushi in my presence without my ability to be absent or who requires me to watch a sporting event when I have little choice otherwise. Likewise, I find it disrespectful, immature and abusive when homosexuals go overboard in their sexual behavior and continuously ensure that I and others are keenly aware of their sexual practices. I don’t make out with my wife in public, I don’t talk openly about my heterosexual relations and I don’t go around making sure everyone knows I’m straight. And neither do any of my heterosexual friends, that I’m aware of.

I have a very good friend who I had no clue was homosexual until after I knew him quite well. I find his behavior and attitude to be civilized, decent and respectful in that he found no need or reason to blast me with that information immediately. And I love and greatly respect him for that. Which is counter to the majority of my experience with homosexuals – including having to put up with “queen” behavior, having their sexual behavior, preferences and orientation constantly discussed and being blatantly sexually harassed by an old boss and coworkers who referred to themselves as “the harem” of the boss and made sure all the heterosexuals were well informed of their regular exploits together.

Not only is the LGBT community dishonestly referring to Mr. Cathy as “hateful” they are also planning to disrupt his right to run a business by organizing and staging a “Kiss-In” at Chick-Fil-A’s across the country. If I happen to be at a Chick-Fil-A during that time, they are also choosing to be completely disrespectful of me and every other heterosexual who finds their practice deplorable by essentially forcing me to be an unwilling audience of their personal and private practices.

I cannot think of a time when heterosexuals have organized a group heterosexual display of affection and personal preference specifically as a “protest” against what the “other side” believes. If they honestly feel that they were truly personally damaged or affected somehow by Mr. Cathy’s statements, they are losing any moral high ground they would have gained in the debate on their issue by blatantly disregarding my and others ability to go somewhere and participate in commerce and to eat without having to observe their bedroom behavior and choices. It is unequivocally an immature, selfish and childish response that ignores and disregards the choices of everyone else.

On a related note, when someone is attempting to use one God given freedom to impugn another God given freedom, that is a completely different situation. I’m referring to the Anti-Gun Lobby abusing the First Amendment to attack the Second Amendment, to be clear.

If you want to lobby and push for legislation or even to try to create a previously non-existent and unheard of right such as gay marriage – go for it! Just don’t deny others their right to oppose you inasmuch as they do not deny you your right to pursue and speak support of it. It is intellectually dishonest to discriminate against a group of people whom you claim are discriminating against you simply because they do not hold the same beliefs you do. It is morally corrupt to claim you are being “tolerant” by promoting your personal agenda while adamantly being completely intolerant of those who oppose you.

It truly is not that difficult of a concept. It is my willingness to tolerate your behavior that enables you to act with intolerance towards me. You know; Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

3 thoughts on “The Left, Gays, Bullying and Irony”

  1. Great post man! I could not have said it better myself. Other than I reserve my right to disagree with you on the sports and seafood issue! ;) That is the beautiful part of the freedom of this country, we have the right do and like what we want. We should not be shamed into “agreeing” with something that we do not set our belief system around.

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