Thinking about running for President of the United States

Ya know, I’ve been thinking about this and pondering it. But, when did the POTUS become a celebrity type position? I’m sure it’s been going on for a while but it seems to be grossly highlighted with Obama.

I swear it feels more like we have a King than a public servant / President. Somehow we are now more invested in “our choice” than in actually critiquing what the man in the office does.

And when did the “qualifications” to be President and the actual job of the President become more than defending the country and establishing foreign policy?

It is clear to me that the mystique that has been created around this servant office needs to be destroyed. I’ve very seriously contemplated running for POTUS because I’m absolutely convinced that I could do a better job than the Bush’s, Clinton and Obama have done. I’m pretty sure an untrained monkey could do a better job at not screwing up the country.

Reasons I don’t think I’ll be running for POTUS:

  1. I don’t believe I could refrain from punching my opponents in the face if they behaved in the manner that has been prevalent at debates lately.
  2. I don’t believe I could maintain “decorum” and not berate moderators, the media, opponents, etc for their utter stupidity and intent on destroying our country.
  3. I know I could not sit and tolerate the rash of ignorance and foolishness of “the 47%”
  4. I don’t believe the people who just elected Obama would be very interested in the direction I believe this country MUST turn.
  5. I’m not a bajillionaire and I wouldn’t feel right asking for or taking money from people to campaign.
  6. I don’t really fit in with any party, particularly not with the Democrats or Republicans.  But, I know I would have to run as a Republican in order to have a chance and I’m not sure they would like the way I intend to destroy their power.

Reasons why I think it might be my duty to run for POTUS:

  1. I am the son, grandson, great grandson, gg grandson and so on of veterans who bled for this country. I have documented ancestors in every major war including and since the Revolutionary War. I owe it to them to fight to the end to save the country they fought for.  I don’t want power, money or recognition – I want to save the country I love – and step down.  Every candidate, it seems, bandies about some variation of the same stupid re-hashed ideas that have been thrown around for the last 100 years – the thinking and philosophies that got us where we are.  I believe we need someone who has NO IDEA how to be “President” so we can get some original brain-storming and new ideas and approaches.  I’m also not arrogant enough to think that *I* have all the answers.  Mostly I have NOT answers.  But I’m humble enough to seek out, retain and listen to the top minds on various topics in order to find new solutions.
  2. As a Vet myself, I swore and oath (with no sunset date) to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. I believe I am oath bound to do everything in my power to save this country.  I also believe that our Veterans are and should be treated (by the government) as a special class of citizen revered for their contributions and sacrifices and provided for by the people to ensure they are able to establish a strong foothold in society.  Serving our country should be a step to success, not a drop to squalor.
  3. Unlike most of our politicians, I understand, revere, believe in and will defend our Constitution and the principles this country was founded on.  I will vigorously prosecute as traitors those who have done irreparable harm to this country and its citizens through seeking personal gain and power.  I also dislike the POTUS selection process, can’t stand the two party system (especially the 2 currently in power) and would work to dramatically change these processes.
  4. Unlike the super rich celebrities that we seem to like to elect, I AM middle class. I’ve been dirt poor and quite well off, lived in squalor and owned an expensive farm. I’ve experienced having to live on welfare, relatives going through immigration, working to the top from the bottom, being unemployed and creating businesses. I’ve done drugs and quit them, I’ve been a hard drinker and quit it, I’ve been religious and non-religious, I’ve lived in nearly a dozen states for various lengths of time, I’ve lived overseas and in the Middle East, I’ve paid taxes, social security and been on medicare. I understand basic economics and know first hand what works and what doesn’t work on a small-scale basis and what would never scale to a massive level. I have 8 kids and know what it takes to provide for and raise them, including the massive personal sacrifice involved. I have lived through having a child suddenly have a mortal disease and the battles required to get through it. I know how to live a self-reliant lifestyle and have taught it to thousands. I am not just a “hunter” but have an intimate understanding and appreciation for the second amendment and what it truly means.
  5. I firmly believe in state rights and the 10th amendment. I have experienced enough in the employ of Federal and State offices to know that States are more attuned to managing their people than the Federal level is. I have learned that appropriate taxation should be having a much higher State level than a Federal level. States should be collecting 10-15% through consumption taxes and Federal should be collecting 1-2% through the same. A tiered business tax should also be in place with a ceiling of 10% providing deep incentive benefits for providing care and services to their community. Income, death, property, estate and other taxes as well as the IRS needs to be completely abolished.
  6. I grew up working on farms and ranches, I’ve built houses, worked in factories and done some of the most physically demanding jobs around.  I’ve also been a professional Software Engineer for 20 years and spent my career building mine and others businesses and working in the corporate environment at levels from the bottom to the top.  I’ve been blue collar and white collar and have an intimate understanding of computers – which gives me an unusually strong grasp on logic. I know the value of education and how difficult it can be to become properly educated, especially once you’ve started a family. I know first hand how impossible it can be to get square on your feet when you and your family do not truly own anything. Having owned and lost ownership of property, I have learned the extreme importance of absolute property ownership to security and liberty.
  7. Having relatives who have (and some who should have but haven’t) gone through the immigration process, I know how completely screwed up it is and how to approach fixing it. I have learned the positive and negative effects of illegal immigration as a citizen, employer, employee, business owner and military member. Being an illegal is not good for the person or for the country. It needs to be absolutely fixed and judiciously enforced.  This includes not only making our immigration system work but protecting and defending our borders.
  8. I have learned that welfare can be a necessity at times and that it is easy and enticing to just stay there. I also know how positive it feels to be able to get off of it. I’ve learned that welfare should be structured purely as a method of getting people back to productivity, not as a career.
  9. I’ve learned through personal experience what it’s like to have “everything” and then lose ALL of it seemingly overnight. Most importantly, I’ve learned from that experience that while it is scary and feels horrific at the time, it’s really very empowering to re-establish a solid and powerful base and build up appropriately from there. I believe that 95% of the Federal Government needs to be shut down with most of the those functions being handed BACK to the states.
  10. I have learned first hand the fear and insecurity that comes with having a horribly sick loved one and no possible way to pay for their care. I have also learned that hospitals and doctors are quite capable of structuring their care systems so that those people can be taken care of. I have learned and I believe that Private Industry, when given the chance, will naturally adapt to take care of those who need it.
  11. I have learned through working closely within my community that they are much more capable of dealing with their citizens than the Federal Government is. If given the chance and with the right structures in place, I firmly believe that business owners are more than willing to give back to their communities in significant ways. Likewise, I would restructure the Military to make sense with modern days, end our current wars in favor of surgical strikes with strict policy regarding human rights, I would eject the UN, end all foreign financial aid and enact policies of sovereign land similar to that of embassies for any non-CONUS theaters and bases established there.
  12. I have learned how completely ineffective bureaucrats are and do not believe Federal level organizations are capable of managing the entire country on any level or need. Proper and original representation needs to be re-established so that the voice of the people is actually heard. This includes ending winner takes all electorate states, proper distribution of electorate votes, proper assignment of congressional districts, state legislature & state senate approved gubernatorial appointments of Senators and intelligent and uniform voting laws put in place. It also entails the return of all “Federal” confiscated land to their proper states, abolishing nearly all Federal regulation in favor of states and ending manipulation of the economy and currency with a return to a gold standard and the deletion of the Fed. The end of Federal investment in what marriage is – in favor of the states – while upholding DOMA as a Federal policy.
  13. To defend the country against itself, I would restructure congressional & presidential compensation to be more in-line with a public servant and less like privilege or royalty. I would push to make it illegal for the executive to bypass the legislature through executive orders, requiring all orders to pass through a legislative committee before being valid. I would require the judicial to strictly observe Originalism, end the application of precedent in the courts in favor of judges actually judging and make it a crime for SCOTUS justices to legislate from the bench. Strict controls and limits of power would be put back in place the way they were intended to be.

So, there are my 13 lessons learned that I believe would make me a good POTUS, or at least significantly better than the usual, suspects we keep running through the system. I could write much more on this but if you’ve read this far, I’ve punished you enough! Thanks for participating in my musings of the kind of POTUS we truly need – whether it be me or not. I believe we need a common man – not a privileged 1%’r nor a lawyer, banker or other bureaucrat and ABSOLUTELY not a career politician to lead our country. I just wish my fellow citizens would pull their heads out and DEMAND something like this!

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