Women on the Front Lines; a Pathetic Sign of the Depth of our Societal Corruption

The inescapable fact of our existence is that God, Selection, Nature (whichever lens you view such things through) designed humans to have capabilities and instincts to reproduce and ensure the continuation of the species, without their existence we would not be here. The biological imperatives that must exist in our species in order for us to currently exist are: Survival, Territorialism, Competition, Reproduction, Quality of Life-Seeking and Group Forming. Failure to develop these traits on an instinctive level results in a maladaptive species for whom failure to persist is assured. Hence, the mere fact that we are here right now attests to our successful adaption to survive.

Females have the power and ability to produce life but can only do so through the combined creative powers she shares with men. In human procreation, the female’s body develops and carries the offspring for 9 months. In the later stages of pregnancy and particularly in the final stage, the female is encumbered to the point of, in nature, not being capable of hunting or protecting themselves adequately. Once the baby is born its survival is at a very high level of risk. It is incapable of providing for itself in any way whatsoever. The female is also the one who has the ability to create and provide food for the baby and must therefore stay nearby the baby without fail to ensure regular feedings. Her optimum health is essential to the baby’s optimum health and both are key to survival.

Males must be able and willing to accept the responsibility of providing not just for himself, but for the female as well as the offspring. To ensure the persistence and survival of the species, selection would, over time, eliminate traits in males that were not inclined to providing everything necessary for the expectant female and, once the baby is born, for both the mother and child. As a result, males adapted to being able and willing to risk and if needed, to sacrifice themselves, to provide food, provide shelter and to provide defense/protection for their social group (from a family unit to a tribe).

Men within these social groups, such as extended families, must also have an instinctive understanding of their survival role towards each other; that the families of men who sacrifice themselves for the benefit of the group will be protected and provided for by the surviving men as the benefactors of the sacrifice.

This serves to demonstrate another principle which must naturally develop for our species to persist: females are inherently the “superior sex” and have significantly more value to survival than men in that they are the ones capable of producing and nurturing offspring whereas men are not.

Our self-evident biological pattern demands that females, being the ones capable of reproduction and nourishing the young, be willing and tempered to spend extended time with our offspring. Of Males, this pattern demands that they be physically capable, willing and tempered to physically protect and to provide for all the needs of their mate and offspring. As a result, men have a deep, primal, inherent drive to protect their young, their mates, their family and so on.

Moral and Honorable men value the lives, well-being, happiness and success of their mates and offspring over their own, in fact to the detriment of their own. This protective instinct applies itself in a lesser manner to all women and children. When a society sends its women to the frontlines to be subjected to the horrors there, it is abrogating the natural order of humanity and is by default CORRUPT. Natural Order through Biological Imperatives demands that, through instinctive internal wiring, men stand up in the defense of women and children.

These undeniable results of biological imperatives form the factual basis of our existence.

From this factual basis Natural Imperatives, or unavoidable demands placed upon us by the biology of our nature, are readily identified. From these Imperatives, True Principles, or Basic Natural Laws, can be derived.

Some of those Principles that are relevant here include:

  • It is imperative that men and women uphold offspring as being more valuable to preservation than themselves.
  • It is imperative that men recognize and uphold women as more valuable to preservation than men.
  • It is imperative that women bear and nurture offspring.
  • It is imperative that men provide for and nurture women and children.
  • It is imperative that men protect women and children at the risk of themselves.
  • It is imperative that men serve women and children in the most perilous of essential positions.
  • It is imperative that men willingly put themselves IN FRONT of danger directed toward ANY woman or child.

A society is an aggregate social grouping made up of many individual social groups, or families. To persist, those societies must uphold the True Principles of the Biological Imperatives of the component parts of its makeup. Violating those Principles is the antithesis of preservation, a system which cannot be preserved is corrupt. Therefore:

  • It is imperative that a society recognizes and upholds the Natural Principles of Biological Imperatives.
  • It is imperative that a society who would wage war do so in a manner that minimizes the danger to women and children and that utilizes men, through their duty to protect, as the ones who are giving their lives for defense of country.

A Moral Code, or morals, is a succinctly expressed system that guides right vs. wrong behavior based on multiple True Principles. From the previously enumerated Principles, a Moral Code can be derived which, in short statements, can sum up many Principles and inform us precisely as to what is good and right or wrong and corrupt. Such as:

  1.  Respect, Protect and Keep your Family Safe, at all costs, at all times
  2.  Provide in every way for the needs of your Family
  3.  Look to the Happiness and Success of your Wife, your children and your self – in that order of priority
  4.  Never hesitate to stand up to evil; drive it back at all costs

For Society, in times of War it is extremely easy to see the morals it must uphold:

  • Send men to do your fighting, keep women and children as safe as possible.

A principled and moral society which is engaging in war sends its men in its most dangerous combat positions to serve as protectors of women and children – as it has been for time immemorial.

I stand by these Principles and this Moral Code, and expect my Society to see the Truthfulness and Necessity of it as well.

From this WELL KNOWN Moral Code (I did NOT make any of this up!) we ALL already know that it is the responsibility of Men to be on those frontlines and that putting women there is anathema to that Moral Code and a deplorable, immoral and despicable action of society. The very fact that to state this authoritatively I had to start with simple biology demonstrates the extent of how corrupt, immoral and self-deceiving our society has become.

A society that entertains the idea of slaughtering its women in an act of war in the name of “equality” is not only showing its level of brainwashing and corruption, it is demonstrating that is has de-valued and denigrated women to the point where their natural value is disregarded and they are now worth nothing more than using as political pawns in a game of thrones. Men should be demanding that the sanctity and value of women be acknowledged – protecting that is their responsibility. Women should be properly identifying any man who says she should be on a frontline as a coward and substantially less than a man for even thinking that SHE should take HIS place in protection. Women should be demanding that men recognize their value in all things.

It is NOT that women do not have a “right” to be there, it is that there is not a NEED for them to be there and that it is MEN that have a DUTY to be there in place of any women and the failure to meet that responsibility demonstrates a societal annulment of any moral basis whatsoever.

It’s not about “rights”, it’s about what is right. It is not right to place women in a position where they are very likely to be killed. It is right for men to place themselves there to be killed in their stead while providing protection to them with their lives. Men are fodder, women are of much more value than them.

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