The Communication of Expectation and the Militarization of Our Police

Communication of Expectation

Often without realizing it, people in general perform or behave according to socially understood and clearly communicated expectations.

For example; when most people walk into a church, they become more reserved, quiet, reverent.  When most people walk into a hospital, they do nearly the same.  When people walk into a sporting event, they are loud and rowdy.  At an orchestral performance, play or movie most people will sit and visit without much concern for volume but when the performance starts they stop talking, sit back and be quiet.

In each of these situations the default behavior is learned. This teaching is done by various elements of society using a mixture of methods such as: signs on the wall, parents or guardians telling them, authority figures telling them, other participants specifically telling them.

One of the biggest instructors of this however, is the general behavior of the other people there : by example.  The behavior and example of a group of people communicates expectation.  As do the other teaching methods listed which are communicated via written or spoken words, images and actions.

When a particular situation arises, social behavioral expectations are communicated and taught via spoken words, images and actions.  Each of us inherently know this and know how to internalize this teaching or “Communication of Expectation” and sub-consciously watch for that communication – no matter how subtly it is presented.

Police “Soldiers”

Over the last 30 years we have all seen the militarization of the police and have observed its escalation.  It is evident to us all as we now frequently see police turn out with SWAT units, riot gear, armored vehicles, fully automatic weapons, heavy weaponry and so on.  “Police Officers” frequently look more like Robocop.  And that’s just for a drug bust.

“In the early 1980s, there were about 3,000 SWAT “call-outs” per year across the entire country. By 2005, there were an estimated 50,000. In New York City alone, there were 1,447 drug raids 1994. By 2002, eight years later, there were 5,117 — a 350 percent increase. In 1984, about a fourth of towns between 25,000-50,000 people had a SWAT team. By 2005, it was 80 percent.

Today, the use of this sort of force is in too many jurisdictions the first option for serving search warrants instead of the last. SWAT teams today are used to break up poker games and massage parlors, for immigration enforcement, even to perform regulatory inspections.”

Source Article

What Expectation is Being Communicated

Why are so many police departments doing this?  While it is indeed occurring at a Federal level (and it is being rolled from the top down), this is happening at a LOCAL level; town and city police departments, county sheriffs, state troopers. We are accepting this in our own communities and it has or is happening without a huge uproar. Why?  In huge metros, a small specialized unit might be justified, but in small cities across the country?  Crime, especially violent crime is lower than it has been for 20 years and it continues to drop (Source: FBI). Is there truly a need for this? What is really happening, whether incidentally or intentionally? What expectation is being communicated to us? What expectation are we communicating to our police forces by allowing it?

We are actively conceding to the conversion of our police forces from Public Servant (Protect and Serve) to Citizen Warrior (Soldier) and authorizing them to become authority figures over us instead of upholders of liberty. By allowing this militarization, we are telling them that our expectation is that they will use it. If they are provided heavy weaponry and vehicles we have consented to them using those things against our community and even us personally should they be able to “justify” it.

When police arrive on a scene with equipment, weapons and outfits fit for war they are communicating to you and themselves that they EXPECT to meet an enemy in a war scenario. When this militarized unit swoops into a gathering of people, their presentation and demeanor are screaming that they expect someone to engage them. They are also communicating their power and authority to take your life should things not go their way. They are not showing up as “Officer Friendly”, they are showing up as G.I. Joe.

We got here in less than 30 years. Where will it go, if unchecked, in the next 15 years? How deeply ingrained has this teaching already become on society? With the huge increase in the frequency in which police arrive this way and the continued escalation of it, before long we may find ourselves being pulled over by a police soldier in an armored vehicle with an automatic weapon pointed at us – for not coming to a full stop at a stop sign, or for going 5 mph too fast.

Teachings and Consequences

  • We are actively teaching our public servants that they may be a military force with power and authority over us instead of being public servants.
  • In doing so, they are actively teaching us, with our permission, that “unlawful” situations will be met with overwhelming force and firepower.
  • By doing so, we are all teaching each other that police encounters are expected to involve military levels of armor, weapons and actions – on both sides.
  • All of this is creating a class separation of “Soldier” vs. “Citizen” with the “Citizen” being the lesser class with no power.

In other words, we are communicating to each other that we expect the police to be soldiers – and soldiers only do one thing: Fight Enemy Soldiers. We are creating Police Soldiers whose expected enemy in combat is citizen soldiers – meaning you and me.

Is that something we want to do?  Was that your plan?  It wasn’t mine!

There will be many who justify this by saying “they’re getting ‘bad guys’, not ME!“.

Which is perhaps fine and good – until someone in your family, someone you know or YOU are falsely reported or otherwise suspected of being a ‘bad guy’.  Or because the police screwed up.

The story on this video is here.  The police are there serving a warrant.  They allege that the victim, a 26 year old former Marine, was involved in drug smuggling, robbery and human smuggling.  When the police broke down the door the victim was on the other side holding an AR-15 so they fired 71 times, hitting him 22 times, killing him.  The victims gun was never fired and the safety was on.

No evidence of anything illegal was ever found.

And you? Imagine you’re sitting with your family having dinner. Suddenly, the police brigade destroy your doors and windows and storm your house (“No-Knock Entry”) pointing loaded and ready to fire machine guns at you and your family.  They drag you outside, shoot your dog, lay you on your face and handcuff you next to their tank while they rip apart your house looking for something that is not there. At some point, perhaps weeks later, you might get cleared or they may find they made a mistake, or you actually did commit some crime.  Or, they just kill you.

Sound crazy? Search on the internet – not only has it already happened, it continues to happen over and over.

When an army storms your house, even if you DID commit a crime – your right of being presumed innocent until proven guilty – beyond a reasonable doubt – has been abolished. Military Units do NOT storm the home of the innocent.

Your right against unreasonable searches and seizures (4th Amnd) has also been abolished.  Is it REASONABLE for a Military Unit to storm your house with fully automatic weapons and then drag you out and forcibly detain you because they SUSPECT something?  If you are ok with this scenario being played out then you truly have no concept of inalienable rights and your ignorance will give you the oppression you deserve.

Does this entire scenario not strike you as extreme?  Is this not cruel and unusual punishment (8th Amnd), especially when your guilt has not yet been determined?

If you were sitting in your home with your family and people began breaking in, would you not expect to be able to defend yourself?

How are you to know that a supposedly lawful entry is being made when masked, armored and heavily armed people begin bashing their way into your home?  Do you think that you should have to just sit there and wait to figure out what’s going on and whether it’s “good guys” or “bad guys”?

How are you supposed to know they’re actually police and not a bunch of smart thugs who realized they could mimic police tactics and nobody will defend themselves?

Should you be able to run and hide?

What do you suppose that an extremely heavily armed soldier who is loaded with adrenaline and EXPECTS confrontation in kind is going to do when he sees you take off running?  Or, if he comes in and you have a gun in your hands or even pointed at him?  There is an extremely large risk that you will be dead.

This militarization of the police and the allowing of so-called “No-Knock Entry” has eliminated your right to defend yourself and your family as well as simply defending your home from invasion.  It is a violation, if not an abolishment, of your 4th & 8th Amendment rights as well as your presumption of innocence.  In the worst cases and all too often, it results in a violation of your 5th amendment right to life and in all cases, your right to Liberty.  Any one of those things is enough to qualify this as tyranny.

Again, every one of these scenarios has happened multiple times and continues to happen with increasing frequency.  How will it be in 15 years?

Are you concerned?  Scared?  You should be.

That we are in this situation now is not the police officer’s fault, nor the police departments fault, it’s not even the local governments fault. It is our fault, it is your fault.

We allowed this. You allowed this. In our own towns.

Protect your Rights!  Get up and do something about it, change the Expectation that YOU are Communicating.

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