Progressives are tantruming with their eyes closed over gun control, yet again.

Look at those good guys with evil guns on the scene.

All over the web the last couple days progressive sites are decrying the recent Colorado shooting and condemning guns… again. Of course, this was expected, the entertaining part this time though is their search for something they can latch on to. Unfortunately for them, this shooting doesn’t conform to any, not one, of their usual mantras or talking points. As a result, they are flailing for something, anything, they can use out of this event – and there is nothing.

Of course, Piers Morgan had to weigh in.

First of all, the weapon used was a shotgun.

Which the Biden famously told everyone to go buy just a few months ago and which the anti-gunners hold up as the ‘allowed’ weapon for hunting. No evil guns like an AR-15 were used in this event. They can’t demonize the shotgun because it is their olive branch – we’re supposed to be willing to give up all our other guns because they’re letting us keep shotguns.

Secondly, the shooter was a conservative-hating socialist – just like most of them. They can’t demonize the kid without demonizing themselves. He wasn’t ‘clearly mental’ in fact, he was vocally anti-gun, anti-war and pro-peace… and he bought a gun and shot up a school! They can’t touch this kid.

Next, what they are trying desperately to latch on to is their fervent hatred of the Second Amendment.  Wherein progressives become almost completely illiterate and uneducated on history. They continually try to pick apart or just blatantly assert their superior intellect upon the two clauses of the 2A – all of which has just become tiresome and makes them look like desperate losers who cannot move beyond something that has been utterly debunked.

They can’t go after gun control laws either – not only did the shooting (as always happens) occur in a “gun-free zone”, Colorado has been all over the news the last year while they tried to pass and implement extremely draconian gun laws – resulting in recall elections and Sheriffs refusing to enforce the law.  The fact is, if their fantasies about legislating gun control to force criminals to obey actually had a chance of working – this shooting would never have happened.  But, as usual, they also completely overlook this fact while calling for more gun laws anyway.

Lone Victim of the Shooting

So what do they do?  They focus on the one victim – a teenage girl.  While her being shot is absolutely tragic – it is not significant.  Yet the media outlets are focusing on her like she was Trayvon Martin.  Anything to keep evil guns in the public mind while not addressing the issue of evil people.

The WORST part for the Gun Control lobby is, of course, that they have been proven completely STUPID.  They mocked and ridiculed everyone who supported and suggested that the solution to school shootings was armed protectors in the school.  They didn’t just lightly mock it – they eviscerated it.  The difficult thing for them is this headline:


That’s right.  The shooting was ended when what?  When an armed officer in the school confronted the shooter and the shooter immediately killed himself – like they always do.

Let’s look at that again:

Armed Resource Officer – “Good Guy”.

Armed Teenage Shooter – “Bad Guy”

The kid shot ONE person and then himself.  That’s it, end of story.  Meanwhile, he was wearing a bandoleer of shotgun shells (typically holds 25 shells) and had 3 Molotov Cocktails with him.  Does anyone think that his grand plan was to shoot one kid and then himself?  Hec no!  He planned to cause some REAL damage – and he would have.  But the armed good guy factor was not something he had planned on, it would seem.

So how did the media handle this???  Well, initially the official story was that it took some 15 minutes for anyone to respond and that unknown mayhem had occurred.  The fact that this was patently false has been sheepishly corrected on some reports but has generally not been highlighted.

The weekend before this shooting, CNN ran a public freak-out special called “Global Lessons on Guns” where they focused on everything but backward laws (Gun Free Zones) as the source of the problem saying that “America Doesn’t Know How to Keep Their Kids Safe”.  What they should have been saying is that progressives won’t let America keep their kids safe.  The fact of the matter is that gun control laws don’t curb violence anywhere – every country that has outlawed guns still has major violent crimes – they’re just committed with something other than a gun – and apparently that is ok.  Somehow, the problem is not wanton violence and the animals that perpetuate it – the problem is guns.

Resource Officer James Englert

Nevermind that 30 years ago we learned safe gun handling in school or that we had school shooting teams.  Forget that we have created a generation of ignorance and fear surrounding guns.  Actually, don’t.  Ask yourself why the hec that is?  Americans have had guns in their homes since there was an America.  Why is there suddenly this deficiency of knowledge and fear about guns?  How did it happen?  Was it manufactured by laws?  What exactly is the purpose of a “Gun Free Zone”?  What does it actually accomplish?

The problem for progressives with this shooting is that there is nothing for them to attack – in fact, if they talk too much about it then they will have to admit that a good guy with a gun is an effective deterrent to a bad guy with a gun – and the Devil NRA was right.

One thought on “Progressives are tantruming with their eyes closed over gun control, yet again.”

  1. A very well thought out article. If you want to know why gun control is lame, look at Chicago. Draconian laws. Uber high crime. Gun control simply does not work. Criminal control does. We need to eliminate any equivocation in sentencing for a gun crime where someone is harmed.

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