A man expresses his opinion and Progressives show their true rainbow colors.

This is SO GAY! Bunch of butt-hurt, self-righteous, intolerant, ignorant, close-minded, backward morons.
If you don’t like it; don’t read it, don’t watch it. If it is offensive to you, turn away. If it is counter to your beliefs, ignore it. (why does this all sound so familiar?)

GQ Magazine is the one with the audacity to ask a man for his opinion who is wide open with his convictions and to then print the answer.  They’re the ones that chose to sensationalize this by publishing it so they can make money off of it.  They are the ones carrying the interviewee’s opinion to the masses.  So where is the outrage towards them???

Instead, A(ss)&E(diots) said this:

His personal views in no way reflect those of A+E Networks, who have always been strong supporters and champions of the LGBT community. The network has placed Phil under hiatus from filming indefinitely.”

How dare he have an opinion different than the ‘champions’!  If you aren’t lockstep with us in political idiocy, you’re outta here – even if you are the only decent show we have and the highest rated show of all time on our network.  We can’t have our reality tv stars formin’ no opinions.

Besides, on the one hand he is just logically stating what every heterosexual man believes – vagina trumps another man’s butt.  On the other hand he is expressing his belief based on his religion and the Bible.  Just like all those few who vehemently disagree with him – they’re expressing their religion.

Have the idiots that run A&E never watched Duck Dynasty or something? I could have told you that Papaw Robertson would have said something exactly like he did just from watching the show.

I sincerely hope that every member of the Robertson family has put A&E on hiatus.  They ought to pack up their show and move to a different network, period.

I am sick and tired of fools and damn fools being given airtime to preach their opinion just because it’s politically correct – especially when they proceed to tell Christians what Christians believe, to tell Christians what the Bible does or does not say, to talk publicly – on TV – about their private sexual activities as if we all care what they do in their bedroom.

I am especially tired of dimwitted, mentally impaired, rejects blabbing their idiocy when they demonstrably lack a fundamental grasp of the English language in their failure to comprehend the definition of terms such as HATE, —PHOBE and ‘Hate Speech’.

These cognitively challenged cockroaches can’t comprehend what an opinion or a belief is – because in their narcissistic, shriveled brains, opinions do not exist – only facts, which facts are only allowed to be whatever their opinion is. If anyone dares have an opinion that is opposed to their facts, they thunder their fists on the ground wailing, crying and gnashing their teeth about how unjust, hateful, offensive, unfair and WRONG somebody else’s opinion is.

Our yellow, backward and ignorant society has somehow decided that Freedom of Speech means Freedom to speak as long as you agree with the draconian, haughty, imbecilic, politically correct ‘facts’ that they have laid out for us. Speaking anything else is not a Freedom – it is a crime and they will tantrum and throw baby-fits until somebody punishes you. Not only that, they are now a target for – not debating and discussing the merits of each other’s opinion -they’re a target for personal attacks until the idiot that chose to allow someone else to control his emotions and became ‘offended’ feels vindicated of his intellectual supremacy to determine facts for everyone else.

While claiming diversity, they eschew anything that diversifies from their ‘facts’. While claiming tolerance, they vehemently attack to eviscerate any ‘intolerable’ person who has a differing opinion. While hypocritically claiming love for all, they attack all non-mental-clones by spewing vile hatred towards them while ignoring that the offender acknowledged and indicated that he was only sharing his opinion. They close-mindedly insist that everyone else must accept and preach their ‘facts’ while blatantly ignoring any arguments contrary to theirs.  While clearly demonstrating that the ‘homo’ in homosexual has the wrong suffix on it – it should be homo-omnia “everything the same” since beyond sex with the same sex; they want all thoughts, opinions and beliefs to be the same.

I’m sick of having others force their opinion on me while denying me mine. I’m tired of tolerating their incessant attacks on any variance of their convictions. I’m tired of hypocrites who falsely accuse everyone else of being guilty of that which they are the sole perpetrators of.

I don’t hate them, they are welcome to their opinions. But I HATE THEIR TACTICS and I’m growing very weary of it.

Be a man, men. Be a lady, women. Quit being agenda driven automatons incapable of independent conclusions.

Don’t ASK a man his OPINION if you can’t handle his answer.

Oh yeah, and boycott A&E.

3 thoughts on “A man expresses his opinion and Progressives show their true rainbow colors.”

  1. I’m a big fan of duck dynasty. Mainly because they seen to be a real family. It is very absolutely crazy that we cannot say Merry Christmas at the work place or show any decorations at the work place because it may offend someone. I’m American, I have the right to my own opinion and the right to voice them. So I thought. If someone gets offended so be it. I usually dont rant and rave like this. But so many organizations have come to be that won’t allow me MY rights as an American!!! I do hope that the Robertson clan finds another network that isn’t so close minded. Networks, tabloids and the media run our lives and they ruin our lives. Money is the bottom line. If you do what your told and listen to what we tel you everything will be fine. The thought of losing money is the real reason behind all of this stupidity!!!! If none of this is making sence it’s bedside I’m so P/O’d that I can’t even talk or write.

    1. @Mike You’re such a fag. What kind of queer-bait goes on people’s blogs and tries to act like they’re in charge? That is SO gay. Now go cry in the corner and try to figure out what gender you are, trannie-boy.

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