Americans Prove they do not value Freedom; Choose Appearance of “Fairness and Equality” Instead

constitution-burning-485x322Americans disgust me. Here’s how screwed up we are:

- IRS Scandals – actual confessions of government targeting, attacking and terrorizing citizens because of their political party.

- The POTUS was caught and admits to knowingly lying to the public for over a year to get Obamacare in place

- Obamacare a complete disaster

- Attorney General & POTUS openly saying they will not enforce laws, tell states to do the same

- Flurry of Ambassadors being appointed – that have never even been to the countries they are being appointed to.

… and literally dozens more – unprecendented levels of tyranny and lawlessness from the Federal Government.
Narry a peep. Certainly no outcry from the public in general.

KNXV sb1062_1393109079907_3111456_ver1.0_640_480_1393166702110_3115259_ver1.0_640_480

A state writes legislation to further secure Religious Liberty….

24821549_BG1In less than a week it looks like the entire country is about to lynch the state. The NFL, Apple, Marriot, AT&T, American Airlines, The ACLU & many others are up in arms and vocal. It was like the worlds biggest hornet nest was bombed.
So what was it that *finally* got people in this country to get up and get pissed? Was a whistle blower imprisoned? Did we suddenly realize there was a huge new tax being thrown on us? Nope.

Because, Gay. And, Fair.

Nothing actually happened to anyone gay, nothing was actually in the bill about gays, it certainly wasn’t a lawsuit or something against gays.

29901534001_3249460063001_vs-530b4fb6e4b0e449c82591a7-767904718001No, it was because the bill literally said that the state government couldn’t force a company to do something they were morally opposed to. And the news, and the gays, and the progressives and the idiots – (redundancy) – called it the “Gay Discrimination Act” the “Anti-Gay Rights Bill” the “Bill that would let people get away with being meanies!!!!!” and on and on and on – all condemning the bill on a made-up hypothetical that it did not even address. And the American lemming sheep bought it, swallowed it and regurgitated it to all their friends without even looking at the 20 line bill that matched an existing Federal one.

And HOLY CRAP!!!! That could maybe mean gays might not have everything their way! Nevermind that there’s a precedence - that gays have already forced companies to provide services at their weddings.

1062-veto-tweetoPeople were literally pissed off because religious freedom was being secured so that gays could not force companies to participate in their lifestyle. These people demanded that Religious Liberty MUST fall against “Gay Rights” – or in this case, even the potentiallity of (and not literally) going against gays.

The bill literally said that nobody had the right to force somebody else to do something they don’t want to do – and the people FINALLY rose up and said “How dare you! Gays MUST be allowed to force us to do whatever they want us to do! They trump us because… well, because they’re gay.

In response to all the rhetoric, outright lies, amiguation and HATE (towards Christians and Religious people in general), 11 prominent Law Professors – people who, in addition to actually knowing how to read, carefully studied the bill and who know the law much better than those attacking it without knowledge or integrity - penned a very detailed letter to Gov. Brewer (you don’t have to take my word on it) here are some excerpts from it (emphasis mine):

Dear Gov. Brewer:
SB1062, which amends Arizona’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, is on your desk for signature. The bill has been egregiously misrepresented by many of its critics. We write because we believe that you should make your decision on the basis of accurate information. Some of us are Republicans; some of us are Democrats. Some of us are religious; some of us are not. Some of us oppose same-sex marriage; some of us support it. Nine of the eleven signers of this letter believe that you should sign the bill; two are unsure. But all of us believe that many criticisms of the Arizona bill are deeply misleading.

The federal government and eighteen states have Religious Freedom Restoration Acts (RFRAs). These laws enact a uniform standard to be interpreted and applied to individual cases by courts. They say that before the government can burden a person’s religious exercise, the government has to show a compelling justification. That standard makes sense. We should not punish people for practicing their religions
unless we have a very good reason. Arizona has had a RFRA for nearly fifteen years now; the federal government has had one since 1993; SB1062 would amend the Arizona RFRA to address two ambiguities that have been the subject of litigation under other RFRAs.

To be clear: SB1062 does not say that businesses can discriminate for religious reasons, it says that business people can assert a claim or defense under RFRA, in any kind of case (discrimination cases are not even mentioned, although they would be included), that they have the burden of proving a substantial burden on a sincere religious practice, that the government or the person suing them has the burden of proof on compelling government interest, and that the state courts in Arizona make the final decision. But nothing in the amendment would say who wins in either of these cases.

1062 letter

And thus, Americans demonstrate beyond question that they do not value, appreciate or revere the freedoms and rights they were born into. They do not respect the blood that was paid to earn them. In fact, they are desperate to shed these abhorrent freedoms because they believe in something much cheaper and much less valuable: “Fairness” and “Equality”.

You get what you pay for, and you value what you have based on what it took to acquire it. Americans do not value their freedoms and will therefore ultimately give them up – we are already well on our way.

And only then, in that space of enslavement, will they value that which they were once freely given and threw to the pigs. Not until they swallow their pride, their selfishness and their utter stupidity will they even be able to admit it and to find a desire to take them back. Which will likely be nigh on impossible because they are also desperate to disarm us – but they’ll still want types like me to pick up a weapon and go to the fight for them.

So good going America – you’ve just cut off another chunk of your own nose in order to make things more ‘fair’.

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