Elliot Rodger’s California Rampage Killing is TEXTBOOK for Why Gun Control Theories are Stupid.

It is shocking to me that Progressives are clanging their anti-gun garbage cans over the shooting in California a few days ago. The reason I find it shocking is that this incident is TEXTBOOK for why their gun control fantasies do not, will not and can not work.
It does, however, show that these idiots go by a playbook and are perfectly willing to jump on their band-wagon without getting any kind of facts before they start running their mouths:

10417206_10152452673394761_673164882_n1. NONE of the weapons used in this killing have ever been considered for gun control. There were 3 weapons involved: a knife, 3 9mm pistols and a car. If all the proposed firearm restrictions were currently in effect, they would not have changed anything.

2. Elliot Rodger owned over 40, 10 round, magazines for those 3 pistols. The number of rounds each magazine could hold was completely irrelevant because he moved from location to location with only a couple victims in each one. Instead of changing magazines, he only needed to change guns. Limiting the capacity of magazines would not have changed anything.

3. Background checks and waiting periods were in effect and were used. But Elliot Rodger’s first violent action was also his last. Deeper, more intrusive background checks would not have prevented him from purchasing a gun, they would not have changed anything.

Shooting rampage in Isla Vista, California4. Rodger had been going to therapy for over 8 years – but was depressed and messed up and didn’t show any signs (to his therapist) of potential violence. The police had recently done a mental welfare check on him and found no cause (like potential violence) to search his dorm room (which would have turned up 3 legally purchased, legal, handguns and ammunition for them. Neither his therapist nor the police found him to show a potential for violence. More mental health restrictions would not have effected him and would not have changed anything.

5. Elliot Rodger bought the 3 pistols slowly, over a period of several months. The same with his ammunition. Putting purchase limits on guns or ammo would have made no difference.

6. The way he carried out his murders, semi-automatic pistols were not advantageous to him – he could have used revolvers. Banning all semi-automatics (something proposed occasionally but never even tried) would not have changed the outcome of this incident.

7. Elliot had absolutely zero concern for whether his firearms were allowed where he was going. This was a pre-meditated event that was planned for a very long time. He was actively planning and preparing to brutally kill as many people as he could – the farthest concern from his mind was whether he was taking a gun into a gun-free zone.

Elliot Rodger8. Nobody, except for police (who of course weren’t there during the killings), tried to stop him or to shoot back. He never had any concern for his victims or observers counter-attacking him. He was shooting fish in a barrel and he knew it. The very fact that absolutely nobody would oppose him doing whatever he wanted actually enabled his plan. If he would have had to factor in the potential of every person around him being armed and firing back at him – it may have prevented the entire incident.

9. Like they almost all do, Elliot Rodger  turned his gun on himself when he was about to be taken by police. He fully intended to die – consequences, laws, etc. had absolutely no effect on him. He was desperate to enact this slaughter – he went to great lengths to accomplish it and would have gone to even greater lengths to work around any laws that got in his way. Laws would have had no effect on this outcome. However, if he hadn’t been raised in an entitled, hedonistic, equality and fairness driven culture – his deranged mind may not have convinced him that not having sex by the time you’re 22 means you should kill yourself, girls not sleeping with him meant they should be killed or that guys having fun without him or annoying him meant that he should knife them to death.

Having read his manifesto, having watched his videos - he has told us exactly why he did this – because life wasn’t fair, he wasn’t getting his equal share, those not doing things the way he wanted them to meant they were sub-human and that he had a right to exact revenge for being snubbed by society.

Shooting rampage in Isla Vista, CaliforniaIn other words – he fully believed in the Progressive philosophy and carried it out to its bitter and inevitable end in an accelerated fashion. What he did is what will happen on a much broader scale as the Progressive philosophy strengthens and further takes hold.

If anyone or anything beyond the shooter/stabber/hit&runner himself is to blame for this, it is the Godless, Nihlistic, Evil Philosophy of Progressivism.

And the response from the Progressives is to blame guns, blame the NRA and blame everyone that didn’t kill anybody today – and call for their punishment – when absolutly none of their desires for control would have changed anything.

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