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#YesAllWomen – Are God’s Most Precious Daughters and Should Be Treated As Such.

There is a hashtag meme going around – #YesAllWomen – where those posting are speaking out against violence towards women.  Of course, it’s gone to the far edges now and includes talking about fairness, equality, extreme feminism, etc.


And, of course, there’s a Honey Badger perspective on this!

In summary: Women are the most valuable beings on this earth, and they deserve and should be treated as such.  Men should treat all women with respect and dignity and be prepared and willing to provide for, defend and take care of them, particularly the one they are or hope to be in a relationship with.


All men should treat all women the way they would want their Mother, Daughter and/or Sister to be treated.  This is called having Class and the man who does it is called a Gentleman.  If a man does not treat his Mother, Sister and/or Daughter with respect and dignity then he is not a man; he is a petulant, spoiled dog who needs to (and hopefully will) have his idiocy beaten out of him by a real man.

e0d127633f7bf945e09a5a6149b2eeebAt the same time, women should respect themselves enough to demand that they be treated with respect and dignity.  They do this by refusing to associate with and absolutely refusing to couple with a man who treats women poorly.  If they do not hold men to a standard of behaviour, many men will eventually drop down to the level they are accepting of.  A woman who accepts a man who is anything less than a Gentleman has only herself to blame when her dog, which she rewarded, continues behaving as a dog.

6079cc6216695298a0c5368da943935eA Gentleman will continue to treat a woman who has/shows no self-respect as a woman should be treated, but he will have nothing further to do with her.  A Gentleman knows that there are plenty of women who will appreciate a true Gentleman and he is happy to wait for her.  If a woman wishes to partner with a Gentleman instead of a dog, her self-respect should be visible.  She should be confident, capable and while shunning the dogs, will show gratitude towards a Gentleman’s behaviour.  This too is called having class and the woman who does it is called a Lady.  A Lady is not an easy catch, she is too valuable for that and as in all things, that which is valuable requires equivalent work.

348720569_chivalry_answer_4_xlargeThe understood behaviour or code that a Gentleman lives by and that a Lady looks for and appreciates in a Gentleman is called Chivalry.  Living the Code of Chivalry requires work for both Gentlemen and Ladies – which is what makes it valuable and also what makes it shunned in our lazy, entitled, corrupt culture.

Unfortunately, our society has corrupted these ideas and has convinced women that “equality” means a woman should adopt many of the traits of a dog.  In truth, all this amounts to is a general acceptance and prevalence of women lowering themselves to the level of males who do not respect women.  If you desire this type of ‘equality’, you are welcome to it, but don’t complain about the consequences of lowering your standards and expectations.  This also means that in general, men in our society have been told they don’t have to be Gentlemen – they can act like dogs and still attract women.  In fact, acts of courtesy towards women have, in many cases, come to be ‘offensive’ and construed as men treating women like they are incapable – which could not be further from the truth.

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The result of this is that the men in our society have nearly forgotten how to be a Gentleman and most of them have never met a true Lady – because behaving like a lady has come to be considered ‘inferior’ and not ‘equal’ in our confused and twisted culture.  Chivalry is rarely mentioned, is rarely lauded and is almost never demanded.

Women are the ones in control of this.  Men respond to the standards that women hold them to and will respect women at the level that women respect themselves.

Keep Calm and Be a Gentleman

#YesAllWomen should demand respect of the men they partner with.


#YesAllWomen should know how to and be competent at taking care of most everything for themselves. And they should expect that and be grateful when their partner looks for and takes every opportunity to lift even the slightest burden off her shoulders by doing as many of those things as possible – for her – allowing her to relax in the meantime.


#YesAllWomen should shun, spit on, ignore and/or berate any man who treats them poorly or demands anything from them – physical or otherwise


#YesAllWomen should never, ever give a man a ‘second chance’ for ever raising a hand to a woman (doesn’t have to have been her), mistreating a woman or for proving to be much more of a loser than she initially thought.


#YesAllWomen should never act like the piece of crap guy they have is the best they can do.


#YesAllWomen should develop a visceral disgust for a male who is effeminate, a playboy, hipster, gangster, thug or any other type of idiot who believes his appearance and attitude is the most important thing in his life.


#YesAllWomen should demand that their male partner be able to provide for her and if they cannot, they should demand that he sacrifice his free-time, playtime, recreation, social and TV time to improving themselves until they can.


#YesAllWomen should act, behave and present themselves in such a way that they are attractive to that type of man instead of in a way that is attractive to effeminate, egotistical, degenerate or women-abusing losers.


#YesAllWomen should carry a serious weapon to protect themselves with – and not only know how to use it, but be confident in their right to quickly use it to defend themselves.


#YesAllWomen should act and behave as the godesses and queens they are and should only accept a man who acts and behaves as a god and king worthy of them.


#YesAllWomen should use their magnificent brains and not follow the sheeply crowd; blindly doing, saying, appearing or behaving in a way that is ‘popular’ or ‘trendy’, only because it is popular or trendy – and they should demand that men do the same.


#YesAllWomen should start from this standard/level and be willing to reasonably compromise down from there if a man doesn’t meet all these requirements.


#YesAllWomen should have the willingness and confidence to exercise their significant and indisputable power to walk away or kick out a man who fails to meet her expectation.


#YesAllWomen should never keep themselves in a bad situation or put themselves at risk because of their emotions or the emotions of their (ex)partner that will or might arise from walking away.


#YesAllWomen should recognize and acknowledge that a partner being allowed access to her person/body is a precious gift and a rare privilege that she should safeguard and protect jealously, not give freely or easily, and that she always has the right and option to deny it to her partner – and that regardless of how long the relationship has gone on or any other circumstance – he never has a right to her body, her body is never obligated to him and he must always be worthy of that gift.






#YesAllWomen could completely change and fix society if they actually did this; but they won’t because they don’t believe in who they are.

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I would expect nothing less of myself, my wife (because I don’t have to, which is why I’m with her), my 5 daughters and my 3 sons.


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