Apparently, we have raised a generation of retards – all in the name of “Progress”.

It seems that, in general, Gen Y’ers have completely shed logic in favor of rhetoric and respect in favor of “male acceptance”.


genydatingAn article about the “7 stages of dating” for “Gen Y”.

It says the first stage of dating, “Booty Call”, is being on some d-bags list of girls he pings when he wants to have sex.  He probably doesn’t even know her name, but apparently, she’s lucky to be on his list.

The 2nd stage, “Friends with Benefits”, is the same except he would nod at you if he passed you in the hall.

In stage 3, “Talking”, he is willing to “talk” with you, if only through text messages.

Stage 4: “Hooking Up”, basically 2 & 3 – now when he pings you because he wants to have sex, he knows what your name is.

5 is finally “Dating” – which just means he’s “putting in time and effort”.  Now that you’ve had all this sex, he has decided that you are worthy of some of his other time.

6 is “Exclusive”.

Up until this point, you are just one girl on a list.  You don’t know how big that list is and he doesn’t know how many guys have you on their list.


6,000 people have liked this article, presumably meaning they agree with it.


In the comments, people are agreeing with it but they are getting OFFENDED by it.  But the reason they are offended is why we have raised a generation of Retards.

They are offended that in Stage 5, “Dating”, the guy is willing to pay for dinner.  This, they rage, is OBJECTIFICATION of Women!  Sets them back decades!


Seriously?  Being on a “Booty Call” list is ok, but a guy being grateful you were willing to spend time with him and covering the bill as a sign of that gratitude is “Objectification”????

Listen, little girls, when YOU are willing to accept being a “Booty Call” and are willing to have sex with some guy you barely know just because he texted you – you are making an object of yourself.  If the only reason a guy contacts you is for sex – you are a Sex Object.  You are NOTHING to him but a dumpster, a receptacle.  You have no respect for yourself at all and as such, neither will anybody else.

And they wonder why nobody wants to get married.

In one survey of 507 undergraduate students, only 4.4 per cent of men and 8.2 per cent of women expected a traditional romantic relationship with a person they’d casually hooked up with. Sure, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free, and so on. The study also showed that of those surveyed, 29 per cent of men and 42.9 per cent of women ideally wanted to be in a traditional romantic relationship.

Sexual Hookup Culture: A Review, 
American Psychological Association, 2012

It is extremely telling that this list has 5 “stages” before “exclusive”.  This is exactly what happens when you take sex lightly.  Why in the world would any guy commit to being exclusive with one girl when the female culture is willing to accept being a “booty call”?

Let me tell you a little secret, girls: Pragmatically speaking, guys are not motivated to select a single female/mate and settle into exclusivity and commitment because we want to buy your tampons, have you yell at us because we didn’t clean up after ourselves, have you tell us that we can’t hang out with our friends because you want us to spend time with you, because we want you to nag us about everything we don’t do and complain to us about everything you don’t like about your body or so we can spend time with your family.


Guys are motivated to commit to all of that and a thousand times more because of one thing: SEX.  Sex without having to constantly repeat all the steps normally required to get it, sex when we want it without having to go searching for it.  Sex is THE motivator for guys – we desperately want it and you females completely control it.  We’ve always known that the price for that was commitment, and we’ve been willing to pay that price.

Sure, once we’re settled into it a lot of us enjoy it and a lot of us wouldn’t trade it for the world.  But the reason we committed in the first place was NOT because you are so wonderful.  Lots of women are so wonderful.  We BOTH committed because we courted, found someone compatible (that we could tolerate, enjoy spending time with, get along with, etc).  Once we found you, commitment was the price of sex – which is what we wanted in the first place.  The primary reason we took that step was for sex.

So is it any wonder that when female culture believes they have “Progressed” to the point that they are willing to tolerate the denigration of being on a “Booty Call” list and they believe that Women’s Suffrage means having sex casually, randomly, with anyone you think is “hot” – that guys are not committing anymore?  Why in the world would a guy commit to exclusivity with one partner when HE HAS A BOOTY CALL LIST!?!?


In a world where guys can make lists of “hot” girls that they just ping and show up and have sex and leave – at their choosing, their control, their option, their whim – at ZERO COST/EFFORT (not even learning your last name) – WHY would a guy give up their list and only have sex with you for the rest of his life?  The ONLY thing you have to motivate him with is letting him buy your tampons and listening to you complain about all your friends and letting him hang out with your family.  And when you are tired, have a headache, have a yeast infection, are pregnant, crampy, sick…. he can’t have sex whenever he wants anymore.

In fact, I believe that the evidence shows that all this “female liberation”, “equality” and women’s rights – HAVE to have been created by men.  Seriously, if you look at the culture now compared to 30, 50, 80 years ago – Feminists have created a man’s perfect world!

If any guy created a culture and was being a selfish, egotistical MAN the first thing he would say is: “Guys make lists of hot women and when they want to have sex, they just text them, go have sex with them and leave.  They don’t even need to find out what their name is.  If you want to show off your list of hot women to your friends, you can “date” them but there is no expectation of exclusivity, ever.”  There is not a man alive who would not make that world.

Apparently, the Women’s Rights Movement has created a man’s perfect culture by giving up their primary tool for drawing men into committed relationships.  And they have done so by convincing women to go from being in control of relationships to being nothing but an entry in a list of women who believe it is “equality” to have sex with anyone that has their phone number.  These women aren’t objectified, they’re even less than objects – we typically have some level of respect for an object.

No, this “Progress” and “equality” has convinced women to turn themselves into disposable objects.  One that you acquire, use and then throw in the corner and maybe come back later to use again – and throw back in the corner and eventually in the trash when you delete her off your list because she’s no longer interesting or she is being replaced by someone ‘hotter’.

Fortunately, they’re not all indoctrinated:


Women (in general terms as a society) used to have self-respect.  They used to demand respect from men.  They used to have self-worth and were only willing to be with a guy who valued them being willing to spend time with him.  Now, apparently, they have none of that.

If this is the world that Gen Y lives in, it would be a complete miracle for anyone to get married and build a family.  Of course, my generation has already done tremendous amounts of work destroying what marriage means anyway by accepting divorce as a norm instead of lifelong commitment and heavily promoting casual, non-committed sex.

There are several extremely good reasons for a culture to promote only having sex within a marriage.  By arrogantly unwinding those one at a time we have finally gotten to the point of having a man’s ideal world where sex requires zero effort and our daughters are throw-away sexploits for men who have zero feelings about them.  This “progress” leaves us wondering what is happening to our society as families become more rare, values become extinct and everyone has a therapist or three in their phone…. right under “Booty Call List”.

One thought on “Apparently, we have raised a generation of retards – all in the name of “Progress”.”

  1. Let’s not beat around the bush (no pun intended) since you cut right to the heart of the matter calling an entire generation a bunch of retards (truth hurts sometimes kiddos and I am kind of an inbetween of gen X and Y) you should’ve said – “You are NOTHING to him but a dumpster, a “SPERM” receptacle.” Because that IS the truth – how much more of an object can you get? If you have lowered yourself to that point you ought to be grateful he is willing to pick the dinner tab, not offended.

    And if this is all in the spirit of feminism – where is the cry for YOUR OWN BOOTY CALL list?? Why the heck are you girls not the ones calling the shots? This makes no logical sense at all – anyone who is proud of being on a guys booty call list IS acting retarded – prepperPhil is right.

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