Police State? We live in a ‘Moron State’.

Police State? Pfaw! We don’t live in a police state – spend some time in Saudi Arabia if you think that (yes, we’re close).dumbideas

We live in a Moron State.  Witness:

Obama “won” the nobel peace prize and then murdered untold hundreds and continues to do so with drone strikes, Bruce Jenner “won” woman of the year, if a single microscopic single-cell organism were found on Mars scientists would declare that life existed there but a fetus with its own unique DNA “isn’t a life or person”, Hillary is the “most admired woman”, Islam is “the religion of peace” that stones women to death for having sex, throws gay people to their death and declares there will be no peace until all convert to Islam, if a guy “identifies” as female he should be allowed into the girls restroom/locker room, global warming is “the greatest threat to our country”, if you don’t like Obama you’re ‘racist’ even though he’s half white but Ben Carson is a “house slave” and that’s ok.

idiocracy (1)

Veterans, devout Christians and those who believe the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land are “potential domestic terrorists” but actual domestic terrorists commit “workplace violence”, if you have any personal beliefs that don’t line up with the gay rights lobby you’re ‘homophobic’ even if you fully support their right to be whatever sexuality they want, the IRS “doesn’t have” computer backups but we have to keep our receipts for 10 years, the Secretary of State uses a private email server and that’s perfectly normal, Black Lives “Matter” everywhere but Chicago and other places where blacks slaughter blacks every day.


Christians can’t have ‘Merry Christmas’ because it might offend non-Christians but teaching Christian kids to write “There is no god but allah and muhammad is his messenger” – the shahadah which is the deepest statement of faith in Islam – is “cultural diversity”, if someone kills someone with a gun everyone’s 2nd Amendment rights are brought into question but if 20 muslims blow stuff up this year you’re a hateful bigot if you question the stated intentions of Islam.FB_IMG_1440391481324

The only candidates the DNC can come up with are old, rich, white people but the Republicans with minorities leading the race are ‘racists’ while the DNC is the “party of diversity”, the Consitution is the sum of OUR rules for the government but the rules the government have for us are unfathomable – they can’t follow the Constitution but expect us to follow every rule they decree.

government rules 2013


“If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor” and “What difference does it make anyway”.

See? Moron State.


The only question is, Whatare you going to do about it?

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