About the HBNation

If you just got here, you might be confused, feel lost, be red in the face and have blood pouring out your eyes in anger (if so, leave Lib.) or you can barely breathe from laughing!

If you’re the latter, welcome home fellow Honey Badger!  If you’re feeling confused or lost, this page is here to re-orient you.  Before we do that though, please discard any lingering concerns or thoughts you’ve been having that have been inspired by the current Administration (unless they’re ABOUT the current administration).

Here is what this site is about:

  1. Truth.  Sure, there’s a lot of opinion, hyper-over-reactive conclusions, presumptions, biased opinions and stuff like that – but mostly Truth.
  2. Sarcasm.  If you can’t see it dripping down your screen when you’re reading any of the posts here you probably won’t last long before you snap and go on a murderous killing spree.  With a pocket knife.  In a Police Station.  While naked.  Good luck with that.
  3. Social Justice.  This just means that we call Brainless Liberal Idiots brainless idiots.
  4. Political Correctness.  Although we only let it in so we can curb stomp it and then pee on it like an Occupier.
  5. Trashing.  Pretty much anyone and everything.  The only criteria for content is “stuff we don’t like”.  We honestly don’t care if you like it.  In fact, we probably think you’re stupid if you do.  Don’t bother trying to tell us about how much you don’t like it – we really don’t care.  When you’re in the lion’s den it’s pretty stupid to act like a sheep.
  6. Debate.  No, not really.  We so totally don’t care what you think.  Nope, not even a little bit.
Seriously though, this site is about letting off steam.  There is SO MUCH CRAP going on that this is just a place to completely rip on it.  We’re really not here to make anyone happy but ourselves.  If you don’t like it, unless you have one of those gold invitation tickets I handed out, then get out.  Don’t let the page redraw hit you in the arse on your way out.
What this site is NOT:
  1. Helpful.  Other than from a mental stability perspective, for us.
  2. Conspiracy Friendly.  Yeah, they’re out there, we don’t care.  If you make everything a conspiracy you’re an idiot.  Go Away.
  3. Liberal Friendly.  You don’t make any sense to us.  It’s like someone took your brain and lobotomized its capability to think properly, and then gave you a bunch of emotions.  You’re a freak.  Go Away.
You can read more about the HBNation on our Intro post here.
It says stuff like this:
If you are a communist/socialist, we hate you.  If you are anti-constitution, we despise you.  If you are pro-big Government and pro-Nanny State, we think you’d be better off not breathing so much.  If you’re anti-gun, we’re even more anti-YOU.
Furthermore, if you’re a chicken-lickin ninny-squatin’ conspiracy theorist that is so freaking scared of the government that the thought of a black hot wheel makes you pee yourself – you’re also not welcome here you spineless, brainless, helpless welp.  Take your tin foil hat and go back in your mom’s basement and try to link this blog to some government conspiracy.  It’ll entertain us to read about it, you dolt.
It’s kinda fun to read.

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