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Progressives are tantruming with their eyes closed over gun control, yet again.

Look at those good guys with evil guns on the scene.

All over the web the last couple days progressive sites are decrying the recent Colorado shooting and condemning guns… again. Of course, this was expected, the entertaining part this time though is their search for something they can latch on to. Unfortunately for them, this shooting doesn’t conform to any, not one, of their usual mantras or talking points. As a result, they are flailing for something, anything, they can use out of this event – and there is nothing. Continue reading

Women on the Front Lines; a Pathetic Sign of the Depth of our Societal Corruption

The inescapable fact of our existence is that God, Selection, Nature (whichever lens you view such things through) designed humans to have capabilities and instincts to reproduce and ensure the continuation of the species, without their existence we would not be here. The biological imperatives that must exist in our species in order for us to currently exist are: Survival, Territorialism, Competition, Reproduction, Quality of Life-Seeking and Group Forming. Failure to develop these traits on an instinctive level results in a maladaptive species for whom failure to persist is assured. Hence, the mere fact that we are here right now attests to our successful adaption to survive. Continue reading

Thinking about running for President of the United States

Ya know, I’ve been thinking about this and pondering it. But, when did the POTUS become a celebrity type position? I’m sure it’s been going on for a while but it seems to be grossly highlighted with Obama.

I swear it feels more like we have a King than a public servant / President. Somehow we are now more invested in “our choice” than in actually critiquing what the man in the office does.

And when did the “qualifications” to be President and the actual job of the President become more than defending the country and establishing foreign policy?

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Society Didn’t Build That – Obama’s partisan antecedent Rorschach test


In July, President Obama spoke in Roanoke Virginia and (inadvertently?) presented a partisan antecedent Rorschach test in one of his most outlandish speeches yet.  This time, the antecedent Rorschach test uses “that” instead of Clinton’s “is”.

If you’re an Obama supporter, his use of ‘that’ in “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that” means infrastructure – roads, the internet, the economy and so on.  It also means everyone who sees it differently is taking it out of context.

If you’re not an Obama supporter, “that” refers to the business that you built.  It also means Obama is a Socialist promoting a Collectivist theory.

If you’re undecided about Obama, you probably think it refers to your mother.

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The Left, Gays, Bullying and Irony

(This is actually a very serious post.  No sarcasm, mean-spiritedness or anything else.  Straight up logical analysis.)

I’m sick of seeing people refer to Chick-Fil-A CEO, Dan Cathy, as a “Hate-Monger” or “spreading hate” or anything else that claims that those who disagree with gay marriage are bigots or haters.

Just because someone disagrees with your position or belief does not mean they are being hateful. The fact of the matter is, most Christians who oppose gay marriage also believe strongly in other tenets of Christianity such as “Love Everyone” and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (in my opinion and experience).

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