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H.R 4269, the “Assault Weapons Ban of 2015″ directly seeks to limit the Second Amendment

Congress has done it before and now, they’re looking to do it again.  This time though, they are at least being honest about their objective; the summary of the bill is, verbatim:

To regulate assault weapons, to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited, and for other purposes.

Whereas the Second Amendment to the Constitution states:

The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

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Police State? We live in a ‘Moron State’.

Police State? Pfaw! We don’t live in a police state – spend some time in Saudi Arabia if you think that (yes, we’re close).dumbideas

We live in a Moron State.  Witness:

Obama “won” the nobel peace prize and then murdered untold hundreds and continues to do so with drone strikes, Bruce Jenner “won” woman of the year, if a single microscopic single-cell organism were found on Mars scientists would declare that life existed there but a fetus with its own unique DNA “isn’t a life or person”, Hillary is the “most admired woman”, Islam is “the religion of peace” that stones women to death for having sex, throws gay people to their death and declares there will be no peace until all convert to Islam, if a guy “identifies” as female he should be allowed into the girls restroom/locker room, global warming is “the greatest threat to our country”, if you don’t like Obama you’re ‘racist’ even though he’s half white but Ben Carson is a “house slave” and that’s ok. Continue reading


Elliot Rodger’s California Rampage Killing is TEXTBOOK for Why Gun Control Theories are Stupid.

It is shocking to me that Progressives are clanging their anti-gun garbage cans over the shooting in California a few days ago. The reason I find it shocking is that this incident is TEXTBOOK for why their gun control fantasies do not, will not and can not work.
It does, however, show that these idiots go by a playbook and are perfectly willing to jump on their band-wagon without getting any kind of facts before they start running their mouths: Continue reading

The Utah Caucus System vs Count My Vote = Little Guys vs Big Money Guys


I’ve been following the Count My Vote issue in Utah for a while now.  It took me a while to come to understand exactly what the issues/complaints were and why there was an effort to change them.  Eventually I came to this conclusion:

Count My Vote is generally supported by two types of people – 1)Political types who have or have access to big money and 2)People who are disenfranchised by the views of the politicians being selected and who believe that in an open primary they would be better represented.

The Caucus System is generally supported by those who 1)Want to see the everyday person, not the elite, have an equal and fair chance at being put in office 2)Believe in a representative form of government vs. a majority rules or democracy. Continue reading


A man expresses his opinion and Progressives show their true rainbow colors.

This is SO GAY! Bunch of butt-hurt, self-righteous, intolerant, ignorant, close-minded, backward morons.
If you don’t like it; don’t read it, don’t watch it. If it is offensive to you, turn away. If it is counter to your beliefs, ignore it. (why does this all sound so familiar?)

GQ Magazine is the one with the audacity to ask a man for his opinion who is wide open with his convictions and to then print the answer.  They’re the ones that chose to sensationalize this by publishing it so they can make money off of it.  They are the ones carrying the interviewee’s opinion to the masses.  So where is the outrage towards them???

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Progressives are tantruming with their eyes closed over gun control, yet again.

Look at those good guys with evil guns on the scene.

All over the web the last couple days progressive sites are decrying the recent Colorado shooting and condemning guns… again. Of course, this was expected, the entertaining part this time though is their search for something they can latch on to. Unfortunately for them, this shooting doesn’t conform to any, not one, of their usual mantras or talking points. As a result, they are flailing for something, anything, they can use out of this event – and there is nothing. Continue reading

The Communication of Expectation and the Militarization of Our Police

Communication of Expectation

Often without realizing it, people in general perform or behave according to socially understood and clearly communicated expectations.

For example; when most people walk into a church, they become more reserved, quiet, reverent.  When most people walk into a hospital, they do nearly the same.  When people walk into a sporting event, they are loud and rowdy.  At an orchestral performance, play or movie most people will sit and visit without much concern for volume but when the performance starts they stop talking, sit back and be quiet. Continue reading

Women on the Front Lines; a Pathetic Sign of the Depth of our Societal Corruption

The inescapable fact of our existence is that God, Selection, Nature (whichever lens you view such things through) designed humans to have capabilities and instincts to reproduce and ensure the continuation of the species, without their existence we would not be here. The biological imperatives that must exist in our species in order for us to currently exist are: Survival, Territorialism, Competition, Reproduction, Quality of Life-Seeking and Group Forming. Failure to develop these traits on an instinctive level results in a maladaptive species for whom failure to persist is assured. Hence, the mere fact that we are here right now attests to our successful adaption to survive. Continue reading

Thinking about running for President of the United States

Ya know, I’ve been thinking about this and pondering it. But, when did the POTUS become a celebrity type position? I’m sure it’s been going on for a while but it seems to be grossly highlighted with Obama.

I swear it feels more like we have a King than a public servant / President. Somehow we are now more invested in “our choice” than in actually critiquing what the man in the office does.

And when did the “qualifications” to be President and the actual job of the President become more than defending the country and establishing foreign policy?

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