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Modern Police Attitudes and that of Many Progressives Show a Systemic Disregard for Citizen’s Rights

Geist, the dog that was executed by a Police Officer for the crime of being in his yard and making a cop feel “threatened”.


This is a story that unfolded on Facebook.  It is told here through reposting parts of a comment thread.  The disregard and unawareness of American Rights shown through this thread are repulsive.  What is somewhat difficult to decide is: Which is more repulsive, the attitude of the police, or of the Citizen’s responding?  It all starts with this News Report:


My response was in the form of an open letter: Continue reading


Apparently, we have raised a generation of retards – all in the name of “Progress”.

It seems that, in general, Gen Y’ers have completely shed logic in favor of rhetoric and respect in favor of “male acceptance”.


genydatingAn article about the “7 stages of dating” for “Gen Y”.

It says the first stage of dating, “Booty Call”, is being on some d-bags list of girls he pings when he wants to have sex.  He probably doesn’t even know her name, but apparently, she’s lucky to be on his list.

The 2nd stage, “Friends with Benefits”, is the same except he would nod at you if he passed you in the hall.

In stage 3, “Talking”, he is willing to “talk” with you, if only through text messages.

Stage 4: “Hooking Up”, basically 2 & 3 – now when he pings you because he wants to have sex, he knows what your name is.

5 is finally “Dating” – which just means he’s “putting in time and effort”.  Now that you’ve had all this sex, he has decided that you are worthy of some of his other time. Continue reading


A man expresses his opinion and Progressives show their true rainbow colors.

This is SO GAY! Bunch of butt-hurt, self-righteous, intolerant, ignorant, close-minded, backward morons.
If you don’t like it; don’t read it, don’t watch it. If it is offensive to you, turn away. If it is counter to your beliefs, ignore it. (why does this all sound so familiar?)

GQ Magazine is the one with the audacity to ask a man for his opinion who is wide open with his convictions and to then print the answer.  They’re the ones that chose to sensationalize this by publishing it so they can make money off of it.  They are the ones carrying the interviewee’s opinion to the masses.  So where is the outrage towards them???

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Progressives are tantruming with their eyes closed over gun control, yet again.

Look at those good guys with evil guns on the scene.

All over the web the last couple days progressive sites are decrying the recent Colorado shooting and condemning guns… again. Of course, this was expected, the entertaining part this time though is their search for something they can latch on to. Unfortunately for them, this shooting doesn’t conform to any, not one, of their usual mantras or talking points. As a result, they are flailing for something, anything, they can use out of this event – and there is nothing. Continue reading

The Asininity of Flying

I’m flying today… again.  Every time I do I tell myself it would be better, more enjoyable and less stupid to just drive.  But every time I consider driving 21 hours to get somewhere, it seems like a huge inconvenience and a total waste of time.

The irony of it is that it’s the airlines and their own arrogance and capitulation that make utilizing their business model so undesirable.  For all the money they spend in advertising, and for all the ridiculous money they charge to fly – they ought to be able to come up with a business plan that makes something as commonplace and simple as flying appealing.

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The HB Nation Concludes; Janet Napolitano Top Domestic Terrorist


It’s supposed to be a big scary word that strikes fear into our hearts that Godzilla is about to walk out of the ocean and start eating everyone and knocking down buildings and crushing cars and eating more people.

But, we don’t live in Tokyo.

Back in 2002, the government took the official stance that “religiously insane guys taking over planes with box cutters so they could crash into buildings because the people on the plane did nothing because they’re scared sheep” was considered terrorism.  Then, even though it only happened that once, terrorism became such a horrific thing that we had to fight a whole war against it.  Subsequently, anyone who was classified a ‘terrorist’ became an enemy combatant – and we’re all scared to death of terrorists so we have to change all our laws to be able to deal with this new, menacing and evil threat – that’s existed since the beginning of time.

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