H.R 4269, the “Assault Weapons Ban of 2015″ directly seeks to limit the Second Amendment

Congress has done it before and now, they’re looking to do it again.  This time though, they are at least being honest about their objective; the summary of the bill is, verbatim:

To regulate assault weapons, to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited, and for other purposes.

Whereas the Second Amendment to the Constitution states:

The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

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Police State? We live in a ‘Moron State’.

Police State? Pfaw! We don’t live in a police state – spend some time in Saudi Arabia if you think that (yes, we’re close).dumbideas

We live in a Moron State.  Witness:

Obama “won” the nobel peace prize and then murdered untold hundreds and continues to do so with drone strikes, Bruce Jenner “won” woman of the year, if a single microscopic single-cell organism were found on Mars scientists would declare that life existed there but a fetus with its own unique DNA “isn’t a life or person”, Hillary is the “most admired woman”, Islam is “the religion of peace” that stones women to death for having sex, throws gay people to their death and declares there will be no peace until all convert to Islam, if a guy “identifies” as female he should be allowed into the girls restroom/locker room, global warming is “the greatest threat to our country”, if you don’t like Obama you’re ‘racist’ even though he’s half white but Ben Carson is a “house slave” and that’s ok. Continue reading

Modern Police Attitudes and that of Many Progressives Show a Systemic Disregard for Citizen’s Rights

Geist, the dog that was executed by a Police Officer for the crime of being in his yard and making a cop feel “threatened”.


This is a story that unfolded on Facebook.  It is told here through reposting parts of a comment thread.  The disregard and unawareness of American Rights shown through this thread are repulsive.  What is somewhat difficult to decide is: Which is more repulsive, the attitude of the police, or of the Citizen’s responding?  It all starts with this News Report:


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Ordain Women

The “Ordain Women” splinter; Attacking the Mormon Church and then Acting Shocked when they are Called on it.

Idiots. Every village has them.

Since the New York Times is running this story and I feel very strongly about it, I’m going to address it here.

A couple of them (village idiots) in my Church have been running rampant recently, intent on shaming and forcing my Church into their vision of “Progress” and “Modern Times”. They’ve taken activism and social “issues” and decided that they would force their will onto the millions of members of my Faith. Continue reading


Apparently, we have raised a generation of retards – all in the name of “Progress”.

It seems that, in general, Gen Y’ers have completely shed logic in favor of rhetoric and respect in favor of “male acceptance”.


genydatingAn article about the “7 stages of dating” for “Gen Y”.

It says the first stage of dating, “Booty Call”, is being on some d-bags list of girls he pings when he wants to have sex.  He probably doesn’t even know her name, but apparently, she’s lucky to be on his list.

The 2nd stage, “Friends with Benefits”, is the same except he would nod at you if he passed you in the hall.

In stage 3, “Talking”, he is willing to “talk” with you, if only through text messages.

Stage 4: “Hooking Up”, basically 2 & 3 – now when he pings you because he wants to have sex, he knows what your name is.

5 is finally “Dating” – which just means he’s “putting in time and effort”.  Now that you’ve had all this sex, he has decided that you are worthy of some of his other time. Continue reading

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#YesAllWomen – Are God’s Most Precious Daughters and Should Be Treated As Such.

There is a hashtag meme going around – #YesAllWomen – where those posting are speaking out against violence towards women.  Of course, it’s gone to the far edges now and includes talking about fairness, equality, extreme feminism, etc.


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Elliot Rodger’s California Rampage Killing is TEXTBOOK for Why Gun Control Theories are Stupid.

It is shocking to me that Progressives are clanging their anti-gun garbage cans over the shooting in California a few days ago. The reason I find it shocking is that this incident is TEXTBOOK for why their gun control fantasies do not, will not and can not work.
It does, however, show that these idiots go by a playbook and are perfectly willing to jump on their band-wagon without getting any kind of facts before they start running their mouths: Continue reading

Americans Prove they do not value Freedom; Choose Appearance of “Fairness and Equality” Instead

constitution-burning-485x322Americans disgust me. Here’s how screwed up we are:

- IRS Scandals – actual confessions of government targeting, attacking and terrorizing citizens because of their political party.

- The POTUS was caught and admits to knowingly lying to the public for over a year to get Obamacare in place

- Obamacare a complete disaster

- Attorney General & POTUS openly saying they will not enforce laws, tell states to do the same Continue reading

The Utah Caucus System vs Count My Vote = Little Guys vs Big Money Guys


I’ve been following the Count My Vote issue in Utah for a while now.  It took me a while to come to understand exactly what the issues/complaints were and why there was an effort to change them.  Eventually I came to this conclusion:

Count My Vote is generally supported by two types of people – 1)Political types who have or have access to big money and 2)People who are disenfranchised by the views of the politicians being selected and who believe that in an open primary they would be better represented.

The Caucus System is generally supported by those who 1)Want to see the everyday person, not the elite, have an equal and fair chance at being put in office 2)Believe in a representative form of government vs. a majority rules or democracy. Continue reading

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